Tourism Culture of Vietnam HP

Tourism Culture of Vietnam HP



Vietnam is becoming the most popular tourist destination in Asia, generating many new career opportunities. DTU has implemented a new Vietnamese Studies talent program in the Tourism Culture of Vietnam to educate students in the core values and culture of Vietnam and its people.


Education program


The major in Tourism Culture of Vietnam prepares students to enter the rapidly evolving tourism sector of Vietnam, focusing on the special knowledge and skills required, combining the local culture with its tourist attractions and field trips. Students are taught about the history of the local culture, cuisine, etiquette, communication, dress, music, architecture and so on.


Specifically, they will learn about Vietnamese customs and festivals, village culture and tourism, the beliefs of Vietnamese ethnicities, the artistic heritage of Vietnam and the world, Vietnamese cuisine, in theory and practice, restaurant operations, table service, tourism marketing, tour guide operations and so on. They can also enroll in free English lessons taught by native speakers to enhance their qualifications.


Training time: four years (132 credits)


Professional skills


  • To conduct conversations, network, convince and attract tourists
  • To recognize the hidden potential of people and organizations.
  • To promote popular culture to increase foreign tourists’ understanding of Vietnam.
  • To work in groups effectively, set goals, plan and carry out duties.
  • To conduct on-site sociological research to learn more about local history and cultures.
  • To acquire and integrate and apply new information into their programs when necessary.


 Career prospects


Graduates in the Tourism Culture of Vietnam program will have diverse career opportunities as:


  • Tour guides
  • Tour operators
  • Event planners and organizers
  • Room managers in resorts, hotels and restaurants
  • Cultural specialists at international organizations, the government and private organizations
  • Researchers in the field of culture
  • Lecturers

Academic Programs


  • Year of founding: 2007

    Address: Room 223, DTU Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, 03 Quang Trung, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3827.111 (ext 223)



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