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A Passion for Research Originating in the DTU Electrical-Electronics Lab

Nguyen Anh Quoc Huy is a K24EVT Electrical Engineering student and an enthusiastic and devoted researcher in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications. He works diligently, with the support of his lecturers, who were able to motivate Quoc Huy to dedicate himself fully to his chosen academic major. 
Ni?m Ðam mê Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c du?c Khoi d?y t? Phòng Thí nghi?m Ði?n-Ði?n t?
Nguyen Anh Quoc Huy 
Quoc Huy didn’t live alone previously. When he came to DTU, he couldn’t resist the lure of enticing online games and, brain-washed by "Virtual Wars", he quickly lost interest in his studies. Now, Quoc Huy is not too shy to discuss those "unforgettable days” and recalled: "At the beginning, living far from home, I quickly became addicted to games and was disinterested in any other activities. Over time, I was afraid to study, and had no idea about how to resume my university work."
Ni?m Ðam mê Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c du?c Khoi d?y t? Phòng Thí nghi?m Ði?n-Ði?n t?
Quoc Huy and Dr. Ha Dac Binh 
Quoc Huy explained: “I attended class regularly but couldn't concentrate on the lectures at all and became very uneasy watching my colleagues studying much harder. I’m a timid person, was lost and didn't know what to do. My studies went from bad to worse, day-by-day. I was sure that I would never recover. Fortunately, all my DTU lecturers were more than ready to help a DTU first-year student during the early days and patiently encouraged me to face reality, which ultimately motivated me to resume my studies.”  
Since then, Quoc Huy has been reading the appropriate textbooks and other materials, and now spends much time experimenting in the Electrical-Electronics lab.
Ni?m Ðam mê Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c du?c Khoi d?y t? Phòng Thí nghi?m Ði?n-Ði?n t?
Quoc Huy (second from left) was awarded third prize in the 2019 "Creative Ideas and Start-up" contest
Meanwhile, Quoc Huy has become extremely interested in manufacturing robots and other technological products. 
Nguy?n Anh Qu?c Huy
Quoc Huy (second from right) and the “Smart Ordering Robot” research team  
Quoc Huy has won several awards, including:
- Third prize in the 2019 "Creative Ideas and Start-up” competition", with his Smart Ordering Robot
- Consolation prize in the 2020 "Creative Ideas and Start-up” competition, with his “Auto follow smart luggage” project
- Champion of the 2020 “ASEAN Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon", with his “Regenerative air conditioning” video
- Sixth in the 2019 "Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge", with his “Regenerative air conditioning” project
- Fifth in the 2020 "Schneider Go Green - Vietnam Country Final Invitation", with his “Sustainable home” project
- Excellence in research in 2019 and 2020
Quoc Huy explained why he chose DTU to pursue his ambitions: “I learned from senior DTU students that DTU is one of the most prestigious universities in Central Vietnam and has invested heavily in modern facilities to meet the research requirements of both lecturers and students. After 4 years of study, I realized that the dynamic environment here always encourages students to develop their potential to the full.”
With his achievements so far and continuing dedication to his research studies, Quoc Huy will be highly successful in his future career.
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