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Candidates with 27 points or more choose DTU

Several candidates with excellent results in the 2021 High School Graduation Exam enrolled in DTU, including Nguyen Thi To Uyen, with 27/30 points, who is studying Graphic Design, and Dinh Ha Ngan with 27.2/30 points, in the Advanced HP International Relations program. Let’s listen to what they can tell us about their career ambitions and why they chose DTU. 
Nguyen Thi To Uyen dreams of becoming to become a Mangaka
To Uyen comes from a poor family, her father is a driver and her mother a tailor. To Uyen has been studying hard to take care of them, starting in her last three years of high school. 
She said: “In my opinion, education is a long-term process, so it’s necessary to build a solid foundation right from the start. I adopted a positive attitude and drew up an appropriate personal study plan when entering my senior high school year. I planned to use my time studying, doing housework, modern dancing, painting and so on, so I wouldn’t overload myself with academic work. Studying in a comfortable and relaxed mood helped me get better results. In mathematical topics, I would read and re-read to memorize the formulae and the solutions. In more theoretical subjects, I would generalize the information first, then go into the details.” 
Ðông d?o Thí sinh d?t trên 27 di?m L?a ch?n h?c trên Gi?ng du?ng Duy Tân
To Uyen, in the orange shirt 
To Uyen has always loved drawing, especially comics and reading manga. Her idol is Jun Mochizuki, a Japanese manga artist, because her work has appealing content and graphics qualities, and Uyen’s two favorite works are Pandora Hearts and The Case Study of Vanitas. “Jun Mochizuki’s unique mangas have inspired my passion for drawing. I spend most of my free time practicing and improving my drawing skills in various fields, such as landscapes, portraits and comic characters. In addition to showing my drawings to my parents and friends, to get feedback, I also post them in online groups, such as the Drawing Group, the Vietnamese Comics Authors and Assistants group and in the Comicola Community. Everyone is willing to give me constructive advice on how to improve my drawing. But studying Graphic Design at DTU is the main path to my dream,” she said.
To Uyen explains why she chose DTU: “After researching DTU’s Graphic Design program carefully, I decided that the education and facilities at DTU suit my orientation, and my parents, teacher and friends all agreed. They also encouraged me try as hard as possible to achieve future success.”  
Dinh Ha Ngan: If we want something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done
The Nghe An area is known as the home of “human genius,” where many of Vietnam’s talents have grown up. Following the educational tradition of their ancestors, Nghe An students normally do well in the HSGE exams. Dinh Ha Ngan, who also comes from Nghe An, is one example, with an HSGE score of 27.2/30, including 9.25 points in Literature. 
Ha Ngan said: “Personally, I believe that if we really want something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done to achieve it. In order to succeed in our respective fields, we must put in much effort to reach our goals. I listened to my teachers attentively and always felt excited because they were so highly experienced and created interesting lessons to develop our critical thinking skills. At home, I often read books and online information alone. In Literature, History and Geography, I usually studied in the early morning to memorize the facts better. I had to master the knowledge thoroughly before taking the exams, to be successful.”                     
Ðông d?o Thí sinh d?t trên 27 di?m L?a ch?n h?c trên Gi?ng du?ng Duy Tân
Ha Ngan (far right) and her friends
Ha Ngan says: “In high school, I started to take an interest in the history of Vietnam as well as that of other countries. I realized that building relationships among countries is extremely important as we integrate internationally. International Relations is the favorite major for myself and many other students. I was impressed by the variety of special methods used at DTU to teach different majors and chose to study International Relations in the Advanced HP program because of the excellent career prospects on graduation. I was delighted to be awarded a full DTU scholarship and am determined to work as hard as possible to meet the expectations of my family and the university. Currently, I plan to improve my foreign language skills and to confidently face all future challenges.”     
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