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What Is the Most Expensive University in Vietnam?

First-year students are now entering universities and this year’s tuition fees have been announced. So, what is the most expensive school in Vietnam?
H?c phí tru?ng d?i h?c nào cao nh?t Vi?t Nam?
The highest Vietnamese university tuition fees - Photo by Dang Nguyen
The highest tuition fees are charged by VinUni International, at 816 million VND per year, or 350 million for their Bachelor of Nursing program. Tuition is paid in two installments, at the beginning of each semester, including teaching and facilities, IT support and extra-curricular activities fees. The rate for the Resident Doctor program is 932 million, although VinUni applicants will be sponsored 80% by VinUni and 20% by Vinmec, by agreement. A dormitory at VinUni costs 4 million VND per month, for 2 students per room or 3.2 million VND per month for 8 per room. 
The second most expensive is Fullbright University, FUV, where fees remain unchanged this year at 467 million VND, plus a dormitory room for 58 million. Normally, students pay 526 million in total but are required to live in the dormitory for the first 2 years, except in special cases. 
Third comes RMIT University Vietnam, with programs in Business Administration, Communication and Design, and Science and Technology and fees of 300 million VND per year. RMIT students study 8 subjects each year, but the duration of the programs varies, with fees ranging from 902 million to 1.2 billion in total. However, RMIT has a fixed-fee arrangement for freshmen who want to stabilize their yearly payments, costing from 321 million to 333 million VND per year. 
The British University Vietnam, BUV, is ranked fourth, with current fees of 153 million VND per year. 
Other universities include Saigon International University, ranging from 55 to 62 million VND per year for the Vietnamese program and 131 million the English program, Tan Tao University has fees from 40 million to 150 million, and the Vietnamese-German University, ranges from 113 million 121 million VND per year.
All these the tuition fees exclude scholarships and other special allowances.
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