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Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 Finals & Technology Seminar

On September 26, the finals of the Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 contest and a technology seminar on the topic “A Fast track from College to Career” were held online through MS Teams by the DTU International School and the DTU School of Computer Science, in collaboration with FPT Software Danang. 
Taking part in the program were Mr Phan Trung Diep, Head of Resource Assurance at FPT Software Danang; Dr Nguyen Phi Son, DTU Vice Provost and Head of the Training Department; in addition to speakers and representatives of both partners’ departments and a great many DTU students with an interest in information technology.
Chung k?t Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 & Seminar chia s? v? Công ngh? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The finals of the Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 contest were held online through MS Teams
“The partnership with and the support from FPT Software Danang contribute to the development of the university,” Dr Nguyen Phi Son said at the opening of the program. “After almost 27 years of development, DTU affirmed its position in the national and international education networks. In 2021, DTU was ranked in the top 500 of universities worldwide by the education ranking organization Times Higher Education and in the top 400 of Asia by QSRankings. The majors in IT & computer science in particular were ranked in the top 400 of the Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking and the majors of Management Information Systems, Software Engineering, and Network Engineering passed international quality accreditation by the American ABET. These achievements will make us, lecturers and students, proud and will encourage us to continue working hard towards even better achievements.
“To obtain ABET accreditation or enter university rankings, a rather important criterion is businesses relations in training, in obtaining opinions for curriculum development, in collaboration for knowledge sharing, and in use of human resources. This is why the university’s strategic development plans always focus on the development of partnerships with local and domestic businesses. With the development and strength of FPT Software in general and Fsoft Danang in particular, DTU will be a trusted address to provide high-quality human resources to the company. The International School and the School of Computer Science will have practical programs and plans for collaboration with the company to jointly create useful intellectual playgrounds and career-orientation and technology-sharing programs like today, to provide the students with a suitable orientation for their future careers.”
Chung k?t Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 & Seminar chia s? v? Công ngh? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Contest results
 “The Danang Code Tour 2021 contest was launched to create a playground where contestants can show their skills, spirit, intelligence, and passion for technology,” Mr Phan Trung Diep, Head of the FPT Software Danang HR Department, said during the program. “It’s also an opportunity for young people interested in networking, exchange, learning from others, and improving themselves to become technology experts. I hope the contest will give DTU students interesting specialized challenges to hone their programming skills, their logical thinking, and their ability to apply their knowledge, and to comprehensively develop their IT skills.”
Chung k?t Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 & Seminar chia s? v? Công ngh? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Fsoft representative awarding the Faculties of Information Technology and of Vietnamese-American Software Engineering (CMU)
a certificate showing their contribution to the success of the Code War 2019 contest.
The contest started with a preliminary round running from April 6 to 26, with a hundred teams of 300 students. The twenty teams with the highest scores were selected for the finals. In this round, the team members worked together to solve the organizers’ contest questions full of challenges but without lacking in practical relevance. Each of the teams had two hours to write a program in the language of their choice (C++, C#, JAVA, JavaScript, Python 2, or Python 3) to solve the problems. The teams then loaded their program code onto the system to run it through test cases. If the code passed the test cases, the answer would be accepted as correct and get points.
The organizers awarded prizes and certificates to the most outstanding teams:
- first prize of 6 million dong for team CNTT-24-TBM,
- second prize of 4 million dong for team K24-TDT,
- third prize of 3 million dong for team CNTT-25-VINGAYMAI,
- consolation prizes of 500 thousand dong for teams K25-CMU-Accepted, K25-ADP-TROY, and CMU-25-VINGAYMAI,
- a Fresher scholarship worth $1000 from Fsoft Danang for the ten most outstanding teams.
Chung k?t Code Tour Duy Tan 2021 & Seminar chia s? v? Công ngh? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The organizers awarded the first prize to the team CNTT-24-TBM
Besides, the organizers awarded the three best teams of the weekly contests prizes worth 1 million, 700 thousand and 500 thousand dong.
As part of the event, a seminar entitled “A fast track from college to career” with experienced employees of FPT Software Danang as speakers, held online through MS teams, attracted the interest and the proactive interaction of five hundred DTU students with an interest in IT. 
The speakers from FPT Software Danang provided diverse information on the new and most noteworthy technology trends in the world nowadays (Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.) and their applications to the practical operations and projects at FPT Software.
Furthermore, useful experience to overcome the challenges from recruiters, improve one’s foreign-language abilities, related degrees of note, study and work attitude, honing one’s abilities for independent study and research, initiative in work, and serious study of university subjects are not only vital factors allowing students to overcome the challenges from recruiters, but they are also a plus to obtain the high appreciation from the company. All this was divulged by senior engineer Mr Doan Cong Truc and testlead Mr Vo Tan Dung, both K19 alumni of the CMU-standard IT program at the International School, to the last-year students and the K27 freshmen just starting at university.
The program not only provides DTU students with an opportunity to show their abilities and strengths in IT, it is also a chance for young people with a passion for technology to learn, exchange, and have an appropriate career orientation in the future.
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